Birthday Parties

Let Studio des Amis host your little girls next Birthday Party!

Choose from the following party options or feel free to call us to customize your day.

Studio Celebration

  • 6 girls   Hour and half   2 host
  • dry styles, one color extension or color chalk
  • Photo booth session
  • Goodie bag
  • $200 and $20 for each additional guest


Fete des Amis

  • 6 girls, hour and a half, 2 host
  • dry style, one color extension or hair chalk and makeup
  • Photo booth, game time, and goodie bag
  • custom invite
  • $275 and $25 per extra guest


Studio Soiree

  • 8 Friends, 3 Host, 2 hours
  • Hairstyle, Color chalk or Hair Extension, Makeup, & Nail Polish
  • Photo booth, game time, and goodie bag
  • Custom Invite
  • $400 & $25 for each additional friend


Add the following items to any party

  •  Cupcakes and Ice cream to any party for $25
  • fruit or vegetable tray $10
  • Punch or lemonade $5


*All parties will include party music, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and decoration

*Parties are for girls ages 10 and over.